SB54 Grassroots Volunteers

Make California Great Again, Inc.® would like to recognize the members of Fight Sanctuary State, We the People Rising, Family America Project, Latinos 4 Trump, America First Latinos, and MCGA Members themselves who have led the grassroots movement to eradicate the unlawful California Senate Bill 54 which  protects criminal foreigners from prosecution in the United States after they have committed crimes against American citizens.

Make California Great Again, Inc.® would also like to thank Arthur Christopher Schaper,  who began the grassroots movement in California, mobilizing conservative volunteers to push back against SB54.

Fight Sanctuary State
Agnes Gibboney, Angel Mom
Don Rosenberg, Angel Dad
Ben Bergguam, Spokesperson

Family America Project
Genevieve Peters

Latinos 4 Trump
Elsa Adeguer

Los Angeles County for Trump
Arthur Christopher Schaper

Make California Great Again, Inc. ®
Jo Reitkopp
Elsa Adeguer
Arthur Christopher Schaper
Harim Uziel

We The People Rising 
Robin Hvidston

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angelmomagnes AT gmail DOT com