Terms & Conditions

SMS Terms and Conditions

This website, mobile site, and/or mobile application are operated by MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN, a Nonprofit 501C4. MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN reserves the right to change or modify its terms of use at any time and for any reason without prior notification. Any modified terms and conditions go into effect upon posting to this website. You waive any right to receive specific notice that these terms have been changed. By continuing to use this website and/or receive SMS messages, you consent to any such changes or modifications.

1. By texting one or more keywords, as defined below in Section 8 (KEYWORDS), to 313131, you have opted-in and given consent to MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN to contact you via text message and to MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN to otherwise contact you via your mobile device. Use of KEYWORDS to 313131 is used by MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN to promote its efforts to elect Donald J Trump President of the United States of America.

MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN does not charge for SMS service, but your carrier’s standard messaging, data, and other rates and/or fees may apply to any messages you send, MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN’S confirmations, and all additional SMS correspondence and/or transmissions.

Supported wireless carriers include those included in Section 9 below.

You will receive no more than 5 messages per month. You should discuss your plan with your carrier and find out what plans are offered and the cost of same. Any charges incurred will be billed to you by your carrier and should be paid to same.

2. You may opt-out at any time by texting STOP, at anytime, to 313131 or HELP to 313131 to receive customer support. You can also receive customer support by emailing unsubmobile@MCGA.com with your phone number in the subject line.

3. MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN will not be responsible or liable for any delay in the receipt of any SMS message. Delivery is determined by the mobile service operator and is subject to effective transmission by your carrier.

MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN makes no warranty, express or implied, and all warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby expressly disclaimed. SMS messages are provided on an “as is” basis.

4. MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN will collect certain data from you as a result of your opt-in to receive SMS messages from MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN. Data collected may include, but is not limited to, your mobile phone number, your carrier’s name, and the date, time, and content of your messages to and from MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN, along with any other information you may provide to MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN. MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN may use this information to contact you and/or to provide additional information or services requested by you, and as otherwise outlined in MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN’S Privacy Policy.

5. By opting-in to receive SMS messages from MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN, you understand and agree that MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN has the right to change and/or terminate the SMS Service at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause.

6. No financial transactions will occur utilizing MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAINS 313131 or through SMS.

7. All content that will be delivered pursuant to your opt-in will be appropriate for ages 18 and older.

8. The following KEYWORDS may be used by MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN for various campaigns:

9. Supported wireless carriers include:

ACS Wireless
RINA/All West Wireless
EKN/Appalachian Wireless
Arch Wireless
AT&T Wireless
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost USA
Cellular South
Central Wireless
Cincinnati Bell
AT&T (Formerly Cingular Wireless)
Cox Communications
RINA/CTC Telecom-Cambridge
RINA/Snake River PCS
ECIT – Cell One of East Central IL
Edge Wireless
Element Mobile
RINA/FMTC-Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
GCI Communications
Immix Wireless/PC Management
Inland Cellular
Iowa Wireless
Illinois Valley Cellular
Metrocall Wireless
Metro PCS
Midwest Wireless
Nex-Tech Wireless
North Coast PCS
RINA/Nucla-Naturita Telephone Co.
Pacific Bell
Plateau Telecom
Pocket Wireless
RINA/South Central
South Canaan Cell
Southern Bell
Sprint PCS
RINA/Syringa Wireless
Thumb Cellular
T-Mobile USA
Triton PCS
United Wireless
US Cellular
Viaero Wireless
Virgin USA
West Central Wireless
Western Wireless