Trump Speaks at the Young Black Leadership Summit

Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. And I’m honored to welcome everybody and these incredibly talented and unbelievable, patriotic, young American leaders. You’re going to be the leaders.

Somebody – I would be almost willing to bet, maybe even willing to bet – somebody in that audience, right here, right in front of me, is going to be standing here someday. I think so. You’ve got a good shot. You’re going to have a good shot. You’ve done incredible work to get to this position, and I have tremendous respect for it.

African Americans built this nation – (applause) – you built this nation. You know, you’re just starting to get real credit for that, okay? I don’t know if you know that. You’re just starting to get – you built the nation. We all built it. But you were such a massive part of it – bigger than you were given credit for.